Kompakts un viegli pārnēsājams Kalibrācija ar ūdeni Darbināms ar baterijām Digitāls ekrāns Automātiska temperatūras kompensācija Ārējās gaismas ietekmes funkcija
Modelis PAL-Urea
Kataloga Nr. 4518
Skala Urīnviela (AdBlue, Karbamīds)
Mērīšanas diapazons Urīnviela (AdBlue, Karbamīds): 0.0 līdz 55.0%
Temperatūra: 10 līdz 40oC
Izšķirtspēja Urīnviela (AdBlue, Karbamīds): 0.1%
Temperatūra: 0.1oC
Mērīšanas precizitāte Urīnviela (AdBlue, Karbamīds): ±0.3%
Temperatūra: ±1oC
Temperatūras kompensācijas diapazons 10 tlīdz 40oC
(Automātiska temperatūras kompensācija)
Apkārtējās vides temperatūra 10 tlīdz 40oC
Parauga tilpums 0.3 ml
Mērījuma laiks 3 sekundes
Barošana 2 × AAA baterijas
Starptautiskā aizsardzības klase IP65
Izmēri 55 × 31 × 109 mm
Svars 100 g

The PAL-Urea is specifically designed to measure the Urea concentration of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), also known as AdBlue* in Europe. Already proven in Europe as the only reliable, go-to instrument for easy and accurate checks, the PAL-Urea is now available in North America in time for new 2010 EPA regulations on diesel emissions. The growing increase in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) engines on the road to meet these EPA regulations means the demand for pure Diesel Exhaust Fluid is rising rapidly. DEF needs to have a 32.5% Urea concentration in order to work effectively in SCR engines. Make sure that the DEF that comes out of your pump and into your tank is pure in quality and safe from potentially harmful additives by using the only digital hand-held refractometer already trusted by European consumers. The PAL-Urea is light & compact, with no moving parts to break! Simply place a few drops of DEF on the prism, press "Start" and the precise Urea concentration is displayed digitally in 3 seconds! The PAL-Urea runs on 2 AAA batteries capable of 11,000 measurements. It is equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) and rated IP65 water resistant for quick and easy cleanup under running water.

* AdBlue is a trademark of VDA